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Fresh Trend stands out among competitors in the international market of licensed products. We actively participate in the world's largest events in the media industry, licensing and production of consumer goods, follow the latest trends and implement them in the development of our products.

We always offer our customers the best solutions even for the most complex tasks

We use an innovative approach that compares favorably with the traditional licensing scheme. It allows us to develop and produce quality products in the shortest possible time and at no extra cost.

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We cooperate with hundreds of manufacturers without intermediaries and avoid additional chains in pricing, which makes the process of order fulfillment as efficient as possible. In addition, we provide production and shipment of products from manufacturers directly to retailers. Thanks to this approach, our retail partners purchase licensed products directly from China on FOB, without investing in licenses, marketing research and engineering development – all these costs we undertake. Our retail solutions allow us to monetize promo and media events much more efficiently: film premieres, new seasons of animated series, gender and seasonal holidays.

Bring emotions to life
with your favorite brands !

Today, it's not enough to just provide a product or service. The consumer needs emotional attachment.

The initial impression a consumer has when looking at an object of sale determines whether or not he will purchase.

We bring to life what researchers call the phenomenon "the experience economy".

Our main goal in the era of the "economy of impressions" is to create a bright emotional product that will please your consumer. And our licenses help us in this!

brand value

Mass Media broadcasts a large amount of content with different brands and licenses every day.
Brands and their characters are loved, trusted, and become part of everyday life.

According to statistics, 42% of toys in Russia - with characters, and according to a survey among adults, 58% have a favorite character, and 63% watch cartoons.*

*Source: NPD

Favorite brands

We work with popular brands and popular images of favorite characters and artists who are adored by children and their parents.


development of licensed products

Fresh Trend is a full-service company specializing in the development and production of unique products for the whole family.

Our mission is to bring happiness to every home and make the world more colorful and joyful by creating new inspiring products for children and adults.

In order to meet the needs of consumers and set fresh trends, we find original retail solutions and focus on current events taking place in the world of games, movies and animation.

product category

We develop and produce exclusive lines of licensed and private label (own trademarks) products in the categories:

• toys,
• creativity,
• stationery,
• carnival costumes,
• clothing,
• cosmetics,
• household goods,
• goods for outdoor activities,
• electronics and others.


The products that we produce, creatively joins family leisure fillings the usual everyday with bright emotions and impressions allowings you to develop a children's imagination and improve communication skills. We not only create unique licensed products, but also develop a convenient and attractive supply of the finished product.

We create unique emotionally filled products for the whole family and offer them as ready-made retail solutions for retail leaders in Russia and other countries.

We not only create unique licensed products, but also develop a convenient and attractive supply of the finished product.

You only need to choose a license or private label and place an order!

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